Oracle OCI: AI Service Tailored for Enterprise Applications

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Oracle Corporation has recently rolled out its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI service, a cutting-edge solution aimed at providing substantial benefits to large enterprises through advanced generative artificial intelligence technology. This fully managed, cloud-based service allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate potent language models such as Meta Platform’s open-source Llama 2 and Cohere Inc.’s exclusive algorithms into their current systems. The result is the automation of numerous manual processes, facilitating enhanced efficiency and productivity within enterprise operations. This strategic move positions Oracle as a key player in the industry, offering innovative solutions that harness the power of generative AI for transformative business outcomes.

Key Features of OCI Generative AI Service

Multilingual Support

The OCI Generative AI service stands out with its extensive multilingual support, encompassing over 100 languages. This feature significantly enhances versatility, allowing businesses to deploy the service across a diverse range of linguistic contexts.

Enhanced Cluster Management

Oracle has prioritized efficiency with improved cluster management for graphics processing units (GPUs). This enhancement streamlines the utilization of GPU resources, offering enterprises a more seamless and effective way to leverage these critical components for generative AI tasks.

Flexible Fine-Tuning Options

One of the distinctive aspects of the OCI Generative AI service is its provision of flexible fine-tuning options. This feature empowers businesses to customize generative AI models according to their specific requirements. The adaptability in fine-tuning ensures that enterprises can tailor the service to address their unique use cases, thereby optimizing performance and relevance.

Seamless API Integration

Oracle’s OCI Generative AI service opens up new possibilities by enabling users to effortlessly access models through application programming interfaces (APIs), catering to diverse tasks like text generation, summarization, and semantic similarity. This integration offers a seamless incorporation into a company’s existing technology stack, ensuring a smooth alignment with established frameworks. Importantly, this integration is executed with a steadfast commitment to robust data security and governance protocols, providing users with confidence in the confidentiality and integrity of their data. This user-friendly and secure approach underscores Oracle’s dedication to empowering businesses with advanced AI capabilities while prioritizing the protection of sensitive information.

Augmentation with Tailored Data

Addressing a notable limitation of robust AI models such as Llama 2 and Cohere’s algorithms, which require customization with internal data to maximize utility for businesses, Oracle introduces the OCI Generative AI Agents service. This innovative service facilitates the incorporation of proprietary data to enhance these models, offering a solution to the customization challenge. Leveraging retrieval-augmented generation techniques, OCI Generative AI Agents fine-tunes generative AI models, resulting in more pertinent and contextually aligned responses. 

The service harnesses enterprise search capabilities built on OCI Open Search, enabling seamless access to the latest information. This integration enhances the responsiveness and predictive capabilities of generative AI models, ensuring that businesses can derive maximum value by providing more accurate and relevant outputs. In essence, Oracle’s OCI Generative AI Agents service addresses the crucial need for customization, elevating the efficacy of powerful AI models for enhanced business applications.

Integration Plans for Diverse Data Sources

Oracle’s forward-looking roadmap for the OCI Generative AI service outlines ambitious plans to broaden its data search and aggregation capabilities. This includes integration with advanced tools like Oracle Database 23c featuring AI Vector Search and MySQL HeatWave with Vector Store. The objective is to enhance the service’s ability to tap into diverse data sources, providing users with a comprehensive and unified AI experience. Moreover, prebuilt agent actions are slated to be supported across Oracle’s suite of software-as-a-service applications, encompassing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, Oracle NetSuite, and Oracle Cerner.

Deployment Options and Integration

Currently in beta test mode, Oracle’s OCI Generative AI service is readily accessible through the Oracle Cloud in multiple regions. Offering versatility, the service extends its reach to on-premises deployments through the OCI Dedicated Region platform. Notably, the integration of this service is seamlessly planned with Oracle’s cloud-based business applications, spanning Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Experiences apps. This strategic alignment ensures that businesses can leverage the OCI Generative AI service across diverse operational domains.

Oracle Expands Capabilities of OCI Data Science Platform

In a significant stride towards enriching its OCI Data Science platform, Oracle is poised to introduce the AI Quick Actions feature, which is set to enter beta testing next month. This innovative addition is designed to provide users with a no-code pathway for seamless access to diverse open-source large language models, including prominent ones like Hugging Face Inc.’s Transformers or PyTorch. 

The AI Quick Actions feature signifies a notable advancement in user accessibility, offering a simplified process for building, training, deploying, and managing large language models without the requirement for intricate coding. Oracle’s strategic move demonstrates its commitment to delivering an intuitive and efficient experience within the OCI Data Science platform.

Oracle's Dedication to Practical Applications in Real-World Scenarios

Greg Pavlik, OCI’s Senior Vice President of AI and Data Management, underscored Oracle’s strategic emphasis on leveraging generative AI to tackle tangible business challenges. The vision involves integrating generative AI seamlessly into different layers of the technology stack, with the overarching goal of providing a comprehensive suite of prebuilt generative AI services and features. This integrated approach is designed to empower enterprises in addressing complex problems with enhanced efficiency, aligning with Oracle’s commitment to delivering practical solutions that have a meaningful impact on real-world business scenarios. 

Insights from Industry Analysts: Assessing the Landscape

Andy Thurai, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research Inc., highlighted the distinctive accessibility of Oracle’s OCI Generative AI service, available both in the cloud and on-premises. However, he identified certain limitations, such as its focus on a narrow range of use cases like text generation and summarization and its reliance on Cohere and Meta’s Llama 2 models.

Thurai acknowledged that Oracle trails behind major competitors like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in terms of generative AI offerings, which provide more extensive functionality and deployment options. Despite this, he proposed that Oracle’s integration with ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX applications running on OCI could attract enterprises, especially if priced competitively.

The launch of the OCI Generative AI service marks a significant move in Oracle’s bid to establish a presence in the generative AI development space. With its provision of both cloud and on-premises access and integration with a suite of business applications, Oracle aims to offer a holistic solution for enterprises seeking to harness generative AI technology. While facing stiff competition from industry leaders, Oracle’s strategic approach has the potential to resonate with businesses looking for a well-integrated solution to meet their AI requirements.


Oracle’s recent advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly with the introduction of the OCI Generative AI service and enhancements to the OCI Data Science platform, showcase the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored for enterprise applications. The integration of generative AI across various layers of the technology stack, coupled with features like multilingual support, enhanced cluster management, and flexible fine-tuning options, positions Oracle as a key player in providing comprehensive and versatile AI services. The innovative OCI Generative AI Agents service addresses the customization needs of businesses, allowing them to augment models with proprietary data, thereby improving relevance and context in AI-driven processes. Furthermore, Oracle’s strategic roadmap includes plans for seamless integration with diverse data sources, supporting prebuilt agent actions across various software-as-a-service applications. 

The introduction of the AI Quick Actions features in the OCI Data Science platform further underscores Oracle’s commitment to user accessibility. While acknowledging industry competition, industry analyst Andy Thurai highlights Oracle’s unique position in providing both cloud and on-premises access, potentially attracting enterprises, especially with integration into ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX applications. Overall, Oracle’s holistic approach to AI, from generative models to data science capabilities, signifies a significant step towards addressing real-world business challenges. The company’s dedication to practical applications and its integration with business applications running on OCI reflect a strategic vision to provide enterprises with efficient, secure, and well-integrated AI solutions. As Oracle continues to evolve its offerings, it remains poised to make a lasting impact in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence and data science. Here’s where VE3 can help, businesses seeking to maximize their AI capabilities and seamlessly integrate them into their operations can leverage our expertise, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their AI initiatives. To know more, explore our innovative digital solutions or contact us directly.


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