Sol Chat: A New Revolutionary Way To Chat Privately

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When we drop the bombshell that there’s everything private about private messaging protocols like whatsapp ; however, they get fined  €5.5 million for breaching that trust, it occurs that too much power vested in a single place is bound to backfire. As a result, the need of the hour is to think of a way forward that can decentralize communication and messaging.

What is Sol Chat?

Sol Chat is a communication protocol built on top of the Solana blockchain which provides the same benefits of texting, voice and video calling but with the trade-off of truly owning the data that you share through decentralized servers. In this way, the users can own their digital dwelling and monetize from the same in the manner like invoicing their watch hours/ on-chain calling time to view ads and get paid in return for the same. 

In addition to this, the IPFS decouples data storage from a single centralized server to a decentralized network of computers owning the data and allowing the users to have full-control on their data through a private-public encryption technique to safeguard against any type of misuse. 

How Sol Chat Checks Data Misuse While Private Messaging?

The opening part of this piece mentioned that some of the key messaging protocols get fined for breach of trust because  though they provide E2EE or End-to-End Encryption, their servers can still see the data packet’s metadata which they can easily decode. Through the use of Sol Chat, that segment is getting revamped because instead of a single-party data storage, Sol Chat will use IPFS, which will distribute the data among servers and eliminate a single point of failure. 

Furthermore, data will be completely protected by a public-private key pair which will completely keep the data private and hidden from the servers storing them on-chain. In this way, the users will not only protect their data but monetize the same through adverts which shall pay them watch tokens redeemable across the liquidity pools on the Solana blockchain. Thereby, allowing a sustainable we-economy for all participating in the Sol Chat ecosystem. 

What Will Give Edge To the Sol Chat Ecosystem in Private Messaging?

Absolute Encryption

On the Sol Chat ecosystem, instead of a hybrid encryption, users will get concentrated encryption through a private wallet interface that decrypts the contents of the message only when you connect your Sol Chat to the wallet for message retrieval and relays.


Security is at the forefront when it comes to protecting the users. For example, in the present day private messaging, the users are trading their securities for freebies. To put that into perspective, whatsapp doesn’t charge you for the app installation or usage but circumvents their earning gateway through the use of private data of the users. So, the context is that if you are getting a product for free, in such a case, it might be the case that you are the product of that product for profit motives. Sol Chat provides economies of operation through a 0.1 SOL for months.


Users can now even pay to their peers using Solana’s Sol Chat at near zero gas payments which will be similar to a cash app. In this way, they can enjoy the exposure of bringing private messaging along with payments initiated from the single app. To an extent, it looks similar to whatsapp but on the Sol Chat ecosystem, the users will have full control over their data and the manner in which it is used.


Sol Chat is going to be a new revolution in the world of private messaging and with new upgrades that shall soon follow in their road map like launch of Sol Rocket where users can stake their tokens for returns and its introduction as an application for mobile phones, Sol Chat will certainly take possibilities to the next level in the coming days. 

By providing secure and scalable blockchain solutions, we ensure the seamless integration of Sol Rocket’s staking features, bolstering user confidence in the platform’s financial offerings. Furthermore, our expertise in mobile application development can accelerate Sol Chat’s transition to mobile devices, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a wider audience. To know more, explore our innovative digital solutions or contact us directly. 


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