Workforce Solutions for Your Business Needs

Staff Augmentation

Expand Your Team with Highly Eligible Tech Talent


We help businesses quickly scale their workforce up or down quickly based on their changing business and market needs.


We build confidence in our clients by delivering skilled, experienced professionals who meet the company’s requirements.


We help businesses eliminate the need for costly recruitment, training & onboarding process and optimise the workforce.

Expand Your Team, Amplify Your Success

In today’s growing business landscape, companies constantly require additional resources to handle a specific project or meet a surge in demand. We provide effective solutions that allow companies to quickly scale up their workforce by adding temporary staff members with specialised skills and expertise. 

When Do You Need Staffing Support?

You require noticeable results & a clear timeline

You want to implement budget & resource control

You require a team with specific expertise & skills

You want to reduce your internal IT team's burden

You require noticeable results & a clear timeline

You want to implement budget & resource control

You require a team with specific expertise & skills

You want to reduce your internal IT team's burden

Managed Delivery Approach

Project Initiation

We assess the project's feasibility, identify stakeholders, and define goals & objectives while determining the support that needed. 

Project Planning & Design

We create a detailed plan for the project, including timelines, milestones, and deliverables and design network infrastructure & find a relevantly skilled team. 

Project Execution & Support

We configure hardware and software and test the solution to ensure meets the business requirements, finally ensuring hassle-free deployment. 

Project Optimization & Management

We analyse the project's performance and implement constant improvements to optimise its delivery & improve its efficiency. 

Benefits Of Managed Delivery Services

Helping Businesses Level Up Productivity, Reduce Risk & Optimize their Operations with Our Expertise Offerings

VE3 takes full responsibility for your project, thus allowing your in-house team to focus completely on business affairs and ultimately increasing combined productivity. 

VE3 ensures rapid project conduction and delivery which includes timely MVP production to ensure constant project development & testing.

VE3 helps you add supplementary products to support your core software or need to add significant additional features with a broad scope.

VE3 ensures cost-effective solutions by avoiding costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining IT staff, and purchasing and maintaining hardware and software costs. 

VE3 managed delivery services provide proactive maintenance, monitoring, and support, which helps to minimise downtime and maximise system uptime. 

VE3 helps businesses to stay up to date with the latest technology enabling benefits from the latest hardware, software, and tools, which leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. 

Our Tech Stack

Assisting Industry Leading Businesses in Achieving their Operational Goal

Enterprise Platforms

API Management

Cloud Computing

AI & Data Analytics

DevOps Engineering


Application Development

Testing & QA

Our Expertise

Experience the Power of Expertise – Where Knowledge Meets Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

We harness the capabilities of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for innovation.

Application Development

We involve creating, testing, and deploying custom software applications to meet specific business needs and improve efficiency.

DevOps Solutions

We harness automation, collaboration, and continuous delivery to accelerate innovation and drive business agility.

API Management

We provide a centralized platform for organisations to design, deploy, monitor, and secure their APIs, enabling them to manage and scale their API programs efficiently.

Data Analytics

employ advanced techniques and tools to process, analyze, and interpret data, empowering businesses to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.


We offer a secure and transparent way for businesses to manage and store digital assets, transactions & contracts.

Cloud Engineering

We provide on-demand access to shared computing resources, like storage, and applications.

Testing & QA

We provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to software testing, ensuring that applications and systems meet quality standards.

Product Engineering

We provide end-to-end support for development, design, testing, and deployment of software products.

Experience Design

We provide a customer-centric approach to designing and improving digital products and services.

Performance Engineering

We identify & address performance issues in software applications with various techniques and practices.

Application Modernisation

We update and upgrade legacy applications to improve functionality, reduce costs, and enhance user experience.

Impacting Industries

Health and Lifesciences

Advancing through innovative IT solution improved patient care and data-driven decision-making processes.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Boosting success with tailored technology strategies, optimized supply chains, and engaging customer interactions.

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Travel and Hospitality

Reimagining experiences by leveraging smart technologies, optimizing operational efficiency, and enhancing customer journeys.

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Education and Training

Transforming adaptive learning platforms, immersive technologies, and insightful data-driven approaches.

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