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FSA Select VE3 to Support and Improve Digital Services

October 25, 2023

We are pleased to announce our latest venture with none other than the Food Standards Agency (FSA).  VE3 has been selected for the mission of delivering unwavering support and transformation to FSA’s digital services. This encompasses their flagship MyHACCP platform, and an array of other indispensable digital applications. 

FSA, a non-ministerial government department committed to safeguarding consumer interests concerning food safety and transparency, has entrusted us with enhancing the security, accessibility, and overall robustness of their digital services. The primary objective is to ensure that FSA’s digital platforms remain aligned with evolving user needs and government standards, thereby maintaining their effectiveness in communicating vital information to consumers, food businesses, industry stakeholders, and academia. Our responsibilities include ongoing support, maintenance, and proactive monitoring of application performance, security, and capacity. We will also collaborate with FSA and other partners to address security vulnerabilities promptly and will be responsible for ensuring that all supported components, such as application and database servers, are up-to-date, adhering to industry standards. 

This collaboration between VE3 and FSA exemplifies a commitment to delivering high-quality digital services in line with government standards and evolving user needs. Our track record in the digital solutions landscape positions us as a reliable partner in enhancing the digital realm for FSA, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of consumers across the UK. 

This milestone is significant not only for VE3 but also for FSA as it marks a proactive leap toward the complete metamorphosis of their digital services, reinforcing their unwavering mission of guaranteeing food safety and authenticity. Our experience and expertise make us well-suited to take on this pivotal role. We stand ready, not only for maintaining but also for propelling continuous improvement through regular reviews and the capability to spearhead major enhancements when required. Our role transcends conventional support, as we are resolutely committed to empowering and expanding FSA’s digital sphere, strengthening its functionality to new horizons. 

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