Dynamics 365: Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility for Businesses

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In the dynamic field of supply chain management, where procurement, production, logistics, and distribution converge, challenges persist without respite. For those at the helm of this operation, the routine is familiar—an ongoing dance of supplier coordination, inventory oversight, and cost management. It’s a delicate balancing act. This is where Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain proves invaluable, serving as a trusted companion in navigating this intricate landscape. This article delves into how Dynamics 365 streamlines operations, facilitating seamless coordination between the intricacies of daily tasks and the overarching needs of your supply chain. 

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain visibility entails tracking the journey of goods and materials from their inception to their ultimate destination. It involves understanding the location of goods, predicting their arrival times, and assessing their condition throughout the process. This includes vigilant monitoring of inventory levels, tracking shipment progress, and staying informed about transportation statuses.

Navigating Obstacles in Supply Chain Transparency

  1. Lack of real-time data: Absence of up-to-date information regarding goods’ movement can result in issues like increased inventory expenses, customer dissatisfaction, and stockouts. Without real-time insights, businesses may struggle to monitor goods movement efficiently, leading to either overstocking or stock shortages. 
  2. Siloed information and communication gaps: Communication breakdowns and limited data sharing among departments can impede the ability to obtain a comprehensive view of goods movement, creating operational inefficiencies. 
  3. Difficulty tracking inventory and shipments: Various complications in supply chain processes, including shipment delays, inventory mismanagement, and supplier challenges, can result in lost sales and stockouts, exacerbating operational issues. 
  4. Inefficiencies in supplier and vendor management: Managing a vast network of suppliers and vendors can introduce coordination challenges, negatively impacting overall supply chain performance. 

How Dynamics 365 solves supply chain visibility issues

Dynamics 365 stands as a robust suite of business applications that companies can leverage to attain enhanced supply chain visibility. Among its array of features geared towards this end, the Inventory Visibility Add-in stands out prominently. This tool furnishes real-time insights into inventory levels spanning the entire supply chain spectrum. By providing such visibility, it effectively mitigates the risks of stockouts while enabling businesses to optimize their inventory levels judiciously. Here are the salient features of the Inventory Visibility Add-in: 

  1. Real-time inventory visibility: Access to up-to-the-minute inventory data sourced from various channels and databases ensures timely decision-making. 
  2. Centralized inventory status tracking: The platform offers a centralized hub for tracking inventory status across the supply chain, ensuring coherence and accuracy. 
  3. On-demand stock availability querying: Users can readily inquire about the availability of on-hand stock, facilitating agile inventory management. 
  4. Real-time soft reservations: Preventing overselling is made feasible through real-time soft reservations, ensuring inventory allocation aligns with actual availability. 
  5. Accurate order fulfillment dates: Reliable information on current or next-available dates for promised orders aids in meeting customer expectations efficiently. 
  6. Extensibility via RESTful APIs: The Inventory Visibility Add-in’s adaptability and integration capabilities are bolstered through RESTful APIs, allowing seamless customization to meet specific business needs. 

Supply Chain Insights

To begin with, Dynamics 365 offers seamless integration with Power BI, a powerful business intelligence platform that is renowned for creating dynamic dashboards and reports within Dynamics 365. As a result, this integration enables organizations to easily visualize their supply chain data from various channels. Furthermore, the data can be shared efficiently across internal teams. Ultimately, this integration can help organizations make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Power BI integration

Supply chain visibility is crucial for businesses looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Dynamics 365 provides powerful tools and integrations to help manage complex modern supply chains. Here are some notable features: 

  1. Real-time data tracking throughout the supply chain, facilitating informed decision-making. 
  2. Integration of data from multiple sources, providing a holistic perspective. 
  3. Advanced analytics capabilities to discern trends and enhance decision-making processes. 
  4. Streamlined collaboration with stakeholders, fostering enhanced visibility and transparency across the supply chain. 

As per findings from a Forrester report, Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain has been instrumental in aiding manufacturers to achieve significant improvements in their operations. On average, it has enabled a reduction in inventory levels by 10%, alongside an enhancement in their on-time delivery rate by over 5%. Moreover, businesses leveraging Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain have reported annual savings of up to $10 million. These outcomes underscore the substantial impact of Dynamics 365 in driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness within manufacturing operations. 


Businesses aim to enhance operational efficiency and drive cost savings by achieving visibility in supply chain management. Dynamics 365 offers powerful tools and integrations to address the complexities inherent in modern supply chains. By seamlessly integrating with existing systems and leveraging advanced technologies like real-time data tracking, machine learning, and business intelligence, Dynamics 365 empowers organizations to gain deeper insights into their supply chain operations. Dynamics 365 helps businesses overcome challenges such as real-time data access, supply chain risk management, and collaboration gaps. The Forrester report shows tangible results including reductions in inventory levels, improvements in on-time delivery rates, and cost savings.

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