Optimizing Logistics: Integrating SAP S/4HANA with SAP Business Network

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SAP S/4HANA is an advanced ERP suite by SAP, featuring an in-memory database for faster processing and real-time analytics. With a simplified data model, user-friendly interface, and flexible deployment options (cloud and on-premises), it enables businesses to make informed decisions promptly. Integration capabilities with other SAP solutions enhance various business processes.

SAP Business Network

SAP Business Network is a cloud-based set of solutions fostering collaboration between businesses. Components include Ariba Network for streamlined procurement, Logistics Business Network for supply chain optimization, Asset Intelligence Network for asset-related insights, and the Business Technology Platform for application development and integration. It creates a cohesive business ecosystem, connecting trading partners and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Understanding supply chains is crucial, especially after the disruptions caused by COVID-19. SAP Business Network for Logistics steps in to foster smooth collaboration and provide insightful solutions across the logistics landscape. 

The pandemic underscored the urgent need for companies to grasp their supply chains thoroughly. Swift and significant disruptions in demand for goods, along with shipping challenges, led to stockouts, shortages, and extreme price fluctuations. SAP Business Network for Logistics utilizes the strength of SAP Business Network to integrate various SAP solutions like SAP Transportation Management, SAP Corporate Serialization, SAP Yard Logistics, SAP Integrated Business Planning, and SAP S/4HANA. This integration aims to connect stakeholders seamlessly, facilitating digitalized collaboration and providing advanced insights. 

The transportation collaboration facilitated by SAP Business Network empowers shippers and carriers to efficiently manage sales orders, stock transfers, returns, outbound deliveries, shipments, and scheduling agreements, as depicted in the figure below. This integration is a proactive step towards overcoming supply chain challenges and fostering efficient collaboration in a post-COVID world.” 

Logistics for SAP Business Network_ Transportation Collaboration 1

In SAP Business Network for Logistics, order collaboration brings valuable benefits:

End-to-End Transportation Collaboration

Seamlessly plan and execute transportation needs using a comprehensive contract-to-settlement process, covering various modes of transportation.

Easy Transactions with Logistics Service Providers

Simplify interactions with partners by providing options like web UI and APIs. Support global standards like ANSI X.12 and UN/EDIFACT, including EDI 204, 990, and 210.

Consolidated Worklists and Notifications

Provide carriers with consolidated worklists and timely notifications. Efficiently manage workflow through read attribute and bulk changes, along with email updates for requests.

Data Exchange Across Order Lifecycle

Exchange key data throughout the complete order lifecycle, including free-text notes, attachments (such as bill of lading), and mode-specific details like VGM and driver/vessel assignment.

Automatic Updates in Transport Management

Ensure automatic updates in your transport management system. Integrate seamlessly with SAP Transportation Management/embedded TM in SAP S/4HANA for freight orders and bookings and utilize public SOAP APIs for custom integration.

B2B Connectivity

Establish B2B connectivity with digital freight forwarders (Uber Freight and Instafreight), other B2B networks (Descartes), and B2B carriers (CH Robinson).

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Integrate with backend systems for smooth operations. Collaborate on appointments, efficiently manage docks and gates, and share master and operational data. Define master data for yard, gates, docking locations, loading points, and capacities.

SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace: Advancing Logistics Visibility and Capabilities

In SAP Business Network, the Global Track and Trace solution offer functionalities like: 

Order Fulfilment Process Tracking: Monitor the order fulfilment process and track goods in transit. 

Milestone Monitoring and Exception Management: Keep an eye on milestones in real-time and manage exceptions during shipment monitoring. 

Real-Time Visibility and Geolocation Tracking: Gain real-time visibility and track geolocation for predictive expected time of arrival across various transportation modes. 

Milestone Updates via API or EDI: Receive milestone updates seamlessly through API or EDI from your logistics service providers. 

Stakeholder Communication: Keep stakeholders informed of progress and exceptions through email notifications. 

Impact Understanding: Understand the impact of deviations from the plan by reviewing document flow and event correlations. 

Flexible Setup: Enjoy a flexible and extensible setup with standard apps, templates, and the ability to create custom scenarios. 

Integration with ERP and Logistics Systems: Integrate seamlessly with your ERP and logistics systems using standard, extractor based IDocs. 

SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace empowers you with advanced insights into order fulfilment and goods in transit, facilitating better management of exceptions and disruptions. Early detection enables proactive mitigation, and stakeholders stay informed with enriched shipment insights, including real-time geographic location and transport emissions data. These insights are further complemented by performance analytics, dashboards, risk-control analysis, critical deviation detection, and carrier performance analysis. These capabilities cater to both procurement and sales sides of the business, fostering collaboration and efficiency, as illustrated in the accompanying figure.


The strategic integration of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Business Network serves as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of the future logistics landscape. It is more than a collaboration—it is a commitment to resilience, efficiency, and innovation. As logistics becomes increasingly intertwined with digital advancements, this integrated approach ensures that businesses are not just ready for the challenges ahead but are poised to thrive in a world that demands seamless collaboration and advanced insights in every aspect of supply chain management. 

Here’s where we position ourselves as a valuable partner for businesses seeking to optimize logistics and supply chain operations by leveraging the strategic integration of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Business Network. VE3’s comprehensive solutions align with the collaborative, efficient, and innovative approach advocated in the integration of these SAP solutions. To know more, explore our innovative digital solutions or contact us directly.


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