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The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation, driven by the growing demand for connected cars and personalized customer experiences. According to Deloitte, a staggering 470 million connected vehicles will be on the road by 2025. These vehicles generate a deluge of data, estimated at 25 gigabytes per hour. Harnessing this data effectively is crucial for automotive companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Automotive companies face numerous challenges in this evolving landscape. Managing an ever-increasing amount of vehicle data, providing personalized in-car experiences, and streamlining operations across different touchpoints are a few examples. To address these challenges, Salesforce recently launched Automotive Cloud, a unified platform designed for next-generation automotive experiences.

Salesforce Automotive Cloud: Unifying Data for Enhanced Experiences

At the heart of Automotive Cloud lies a powerful data engine that unifies information from various sources, including vehicle telematics, service records, and customer data. This Driver 360 view provides a comprehensive understanding of each driver, allowing companies to create personalized and contextual experiences.

Connected Vehicle Visualization equips automakers with a real-time visual representation of a vehicle’s connectivity features, services, and real-time telematics data. This empowers them to deliver better in-car experiences, such as predictive maintenance notifications and assistance calls.

Actionable Telematics goes beyond simple visual representation by transforming this stream of data into actionable insights. The platform automatically analyzes telematics information like speed, fuel consumption, and tire pressure for proactive alerts. Imagine a scenario where the driver receives an immediate notification about a potentially unsafe change in tire pressure, preventing a potentially risky on-road situation.

To ensure scalability and security, Automotive Cloud is built on Salesforce Data Cloud, a trusted platform for managing massive volumes of data. Additionally, Einstein Studio provides automakers with AI-powered tools to develop custom predictive models – a game-changer for delivering personalized recommendations and services.

Benefits for Automotive Companies

Salesforce Automotive Cloud offers numerous benefits for car manufacturers, fleet owners, and financial services providers in the automotive ecosystem. These benefits significantly impact key areas of their business.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • Personalized in-car experiences: By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can tailor the driving experience to individual preferences, offering customized entertainment options, navigation routes, and vehicle settings.
  • Proactive customer service: Actionable alerts and notifications for service appointments, maintenance needs, and potential safety hazards create a proactive service model, fostering greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Operations

  • Efficient fleet management: Fleet owners gain a consolidated view of their entire fleet, enabling efficient route optimization, driver assignment, and maintenance scheduling, ultimately leading to greater operational efficiency.
  • Simplified auto lending and leasing: Automotive Cloud for Captive Finance streamlines loan and lease management processes, providing lenders with a comprehensive view of customer accounts and facilitating personalized communication for timely payments and lease renewals.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams

  • Data-driven insights: A deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences unlocks opportunities for new product development and service packages strategically aligned with customer needs.
  • Personalized marketing: Data analytics enables targeted advertising campaigns based on individual preferences, leading to greater marketing ROI and revenue generation.
  • Subscription-based services: Connected car features can be offered through flexible subscription models, providing a valuable recurring revenue stream for automakers.

Case Studies: Automotive Companies Transforming with Salesforce Automotive Cloud


Toyota has embraced Salesforce Automotive Cloud to deliver personalized in-car experiences and streamline customer service. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, Toyota has seen a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Ford, a pioneer in the automotive industry, is leveraging Automotive Cloud to enhance fleet management and reduce operational costs. The platform’s real-time insights have proven invaluable in optimizing Ford’s fleet operations.

General Motors

General Motors has strategically utilized Salesforce Automotive Cloud to enhance its auto lending and leasing operations. The platform’s data-driven approach has enabled GM to tailor financial services to individual customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The Future of Automotive Cloud

Continued Development of AI-Powered Features

As technology evolves, so will the capabilities of Automotive Cloud. Continued development of AI-powered features will lead to even more sophisticated predictive insights and personalized experiences for drivers.

Integration with Emerging Technologies

Automotive Cloud is poised to integrate seamlessly with emerging technologies like autonomous driving and electric vehicles. This integration will contribute to the evolution of the automotive industry towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Expansion to Support New Business Models

The versatility of the Automotive Cloud allows for the exploration of new business models. Whether it’s mobility services, shared transportation, or other innovative approaches, the platform can adapt to support the changing landscape of the automotive industry.


Salesforce Automotive Cloud is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change in the automotive industry. By addressing the challenges faced by automakers and unlocking new possibilities for personalized experiences, streamlined operations, and innovative revenue streams, Automotive Cloud is steering the industry towards a future where cars are not just modes of transportation but intelligent, connected companions. 

While Salesforce Automotive Cloud lays the foundation for a tech-driven revolution in the automotive sector, we at VE3 leverage our partnership with Salesforce to offer cutting-edge solutions to enhance the connected car experience further. We offer a seamless integration with Salesforce Automotive Cloud, aligning our solutions perfectly with their goals and providing automakers and dealerships with a comprehensive solution. By leveraging the combined power of Salesforce Automotive Cloud and VE3, businesses can confidently navigate the evolving automotive landscape, ensuring a smoother transition into the era of intelligent, connected vehicles. To know more, explore our innovative digital solutions or contact us directly.


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