The VE3 Company has a Whistleblowing Policy to prevent malpractice by the organisation, its employees, agents and partners by enabling staff to raise concerns with the organisation’s management. 

All organisations face the risk of things going wrong or of unknowingly harbouring malpractice. We must identify and take measures to remedy all malpractice, particularly regarding our work with young people, vulnerable adults and companies, and regarding issues of fraud, corruption, bribery offences under the Bribery Act 2010 and other irregularities. 

By encouraging a culture of openness within our organisation we believe that we can prevent malpractice before it happens. 

By knowing about malpractice at an early stage, we stand a good chance of taking the necessary steps to safeguard the interests of all staff, protect our organisation, prevent harm to young people and vulnerable adults and stop fraud and corruption before it happens.