Building Scalable Networks 

Improving Network Capacity and Coverage

A Case Study on Improving Order Fulfillment

Problem Description

TDC NET, the largest and most experienced provider of digital infrastructure in Denmark, delivers stable and future-proof connections. They provide the most powerful fixed-line and mobile networks and make using them easy for everyone. As the Danish consumers are making increasing demands on the speed and range of the digital infrastructure, TDC NET expects demand to continue to grow. For this reason they are constantly working to expand their network throughout Denmark. While on this journey they started facing several problems related to network congestion, poor customer experience, and high operational costs. The company was struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for high-speed internet services and was losing customers due to frequent service disruptions and slow internet speeds.

Solution Approach

VE3 began by conducting a thorough analysis of TDC NET existing infrastructure to identify the areas of improvement and set up a plan of action. The analysis revealed that the network was suffering from congestion due to outdated equipment, improper network design, and inefficient routing protocols. Moreover, the network was not optimized for high-speed internet services, which was resulting in poor customer experience.

 To handle the increased traffic and provide better connectivity, VE3 helped TDC NET install a more robust network infrastructure, implemented stronger security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems. Additionally, we developed policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provided training to the company's IT staff to help them identify and resolve network issues more efficiently.

To further streamline the process, VE3 developed a more efficient data management system which included implementing a data warehouse and developing processes for data extraction, transformation, and loading. Moreover to further enhance networks we recommended implementing load balancing solutions to distribute network traffic evenly across the installed infrastructure. Herein to analyze network traffic patterns and identify potential issues we also used machine learning algorithms. This would ultimately help TDC NET to take proactive measures to prevent downtime and ensure reliable network services.


The hyper-personalized solution approach provided by VE3 helped TDC NET to achieve significant improvements in network performance and customer experience. The network congestion was eliminated, resulting in faster internet speeds and improved customer satisfaction. The advanced monitoring and management tools enabled faster problem resolution, reducing the downtime of the network. The improvements in network capacity and load balancing also improved network performance, enabling the company to handle the increasing traffic more efficiently. Also, the optimization of the network for high-speed internet services resulted in increased revenue for TDC NET. Finally, the deployment of the new network infrastructure reduced operational costs and improved the overall efficiency of the company’s operations.

VE3s ongoing support to clients help them in keeping up with the dynamic digital change, develop a unique brand voice, and increase conversions. Additionally, one can monitor and analyze readership statistics, streamline content development and management, and get the required business results with the help of the innovation-driven solutions being provided.

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