The API Conundrum

LendUp Challenge

A Deep Dive into the Challenges and Solutions of a Troubled System

Problem Description

LendUp, a credit provider, was receiving an increasing number of customer complaints concerning their mobile application. Customers reported issues with the app’s user interface, difficulties in transferring funds, and delayed loading times. The company’s technical team was unable to identify the snag, which ultimately resulted in a growing number of unhappy customers.

Solution Approach

We executed an audit of the mobile application to identify glitches related to its performance, functionality, and security. This audit helped to identify the root-cause that the app was running on outdated technology, which was causing slow loading times and other performance related issues.

In accordance with the findings from the audit, we recommended a Strategic Design for the implementation of a new microservices-based architecture. This architecture would help to modernize the app and make it more scalable, secure, and performant. In addition to the required, we also proposed the implementation of new databases and technologies to enhance the app's functionality.

An automated testing process was carried in order to ensure that the app was functioning as expected. This testing process helped to identify bugs and other issues early in the development cycle, which enabled us to fix them before they impacted the app's performance.

To improve customer support, we also introduced a chatbot into the application. The chatbot provided customers with real-time support, answering frequently asked questions, and helping customers resolve queries instantly.


As a result of VE3’s proficiency in Technology Optimization and in-depth problem analysis, LendUp’s mobile app saw significant improvements in performance, functionality, and security. The app’s new microservices-based architecture made it more scalable, secure, and performant. Automated testing helped to identify issues early, preventing them from impacting customers. And the chatbot introduced provided customers with real-time support, improving their overall experience.

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