The Digital Transformation Triumph

Digital Workspace Migration Success Story

A Smooth Transition from

Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

Encore Systems

A technology-driven company thriving in the realm of Microsoft 365, leveraging tools such as Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, MS Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Notes, Intune, Azure AD Conditional Access, and Microsoft Forms. Their IT infrastructure bore the imprints of countless customizations, integrations, and workflows tailored meticulously to their specific needs.

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In contrast, TodayTix harnessed the power of Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) as their primary productivity suite, boasting tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Meet, Workspace, Google Keep, Google Endpoint Management, Google Admin Console, and Google Forms.

The acquisition of Encore Systems by TodayTix triggered a transformational journey—a migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace. This case study unveils the intricacies of this digital shift, exploring the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of this pivotal IT integration.



The migration from Encore Systems’ established Microsoft 365 (M365) ecosystem to TodayTix’s Google Workspace (GW) was a multifaceted endeavor laden with several intricate challenges. These challenges spanned various aspects of the migration, including data, user experience, security, and compliance.

  • Data Migration Complexity

    Transferring multiple components of multiple applications such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, MS AD, MS Office, and other relevant data required intricate planning and execution.

  • Minimal Downtime

    The migration process had to be executed with minimal disruption to users & business operations. Downtime could impact productivity & customer service, making it essential to streamline the transition.

  • User Adoption and Training

    Providing comprehensive training and support for employees to seamlessly adapt to new collaboration tools, while preserving critical functionalities like chat history and file sharing, was crucial.

  • Security and Compliance

    Migrating security policies, device management configurations, and compliance frameworks from Microsoft Intune to Google Endpoint Management required a meticulous approach.

  • Integration with Existing Systems

    Integrating Google Workspace with existing systems, workflows, and applications required a careful assessment of compatibility and functionality.

  • Coexistence and Interoperability

    During the migration, it was imperative that Microsoft and Google tools could coexist and interoperate efficiently ensuring that users could continue working with their preferred tools while the migration progressed.

  • Data Preservation

    Preserving critical data elements such as chat history, file sharing, and channel organization in Teams and other Microsoft applications was challenging but crucial to maintain business continuity.

  • User Provisioning

    Managing user provisioning and access control during the transition from Microsoft to Google was a complex task ensuring user accounts were correctly provisioned & deprovisioned without issues was vital.

  • Testing and Validation

    Thorough testing and validation of all components and processes before, during, and after the migration was essential to identify and rectify any issues promptly.

  • Communication and Change Management

    Effective communication with stakeholders, along with a well-planned change management strategy, was necessary to keep all parties informed and engaged throughout the migration process.

The migration from Encore Systems’ M365 ecosystem to TodayTix’s Google Workspace was a comprehensive undertaking that required careful planning, technical expertise, and a keen focus on user experience, security, and compliance. Overcoming these challenges was pivotal to the successful transition, and TodayTix’s commitment to addressing them underscored its dedication to providing a seamless and efficient environment for its employees and customers.

Our Solution Approach

In response to the challenges faced by TodayTix and Encore Systems during their migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, VE3 devised a comprehensive solution approach, focusing on four critical aspects: preparation, migration, change management, and training and support. This approach was designed to ensure a seamless and successful transition while addressing the complexities of the migration process.


During the preparation phase, VE3 conducted a thorough analysis of both organizations’ IT infrastructures.

Key actions during the preparation phase included:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: VE3 performed an in-depth analysis of the existing IT environments of TodayTix and Encore Systems to identify all relevant components and configurations.
  2. Migration Level Identification: VE3 determined the appropriate level of migration for each component, categorizing them as “Full Migration” (components that could be migrated directly) or “Partial or Rebuild” (components that required a rebuild in Google Workspace).
  3. Migration Plan Development: VE3 meticulously crafted a migration plan that outlined the project’s scope, timeline, and resource requirements. This plan also included a risk assessment and contingency planning to proactively address potential issues.
  4. Communication Strategy: A transparent communication strategy was developed to keep all stakeholders well-informed at every stage of the migration process.


In the migration phase, VE3 utilized Google Workspace Migration tools, such as Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GWMME) and Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO) to facilitate a smooth and secure transfer of data, features, and configurations.

Key actions during the migration phase included:

  1. Tool Utilization: VE3 leveraged Google’s migration tools and best practices to perform full migrations in most applications, ensuring data integrity and completeness.
  2. Data Transition: Data transition involved moving email services to Gmail, migrating document storage from OneDrive for Business to Google Drive, transitioning communication tools from MS Teams to Google Meet and Workspace, and transferring other critical components seamlessly.
  3. Progress Monitoring: VE3 closely monitored the migration process with periodic progress updates and checkpoints to ensure minimal downtime, data loss, and user disruption.

Change Management

VE3 recognized the importance of effective change management in ensuring a smooth transition for users. Collaboration with TodayTix and Encore Systems was key to this process. VE3 assisted in adapting existing processes and workflows to the new platform, establishing new policies and procedures, and addressing any organizational change resistance.

Key actions during the change management phase included:

  1. User Guidance: VE3 provided guidance to users on adapting to the new tools and services offered by Google Workspace, minimizing disruption to daily operations.
  2. Policy and Procedure Alignment: VE3 assisted in aligning policies and procedures with the new platform, ensuring a seamless transition.

Training and Support

To enable users to embrace the new platform confidently, VE3 delivered customized training and support resources tailored to the specific needs of TodayTix and Encore Systems. This included hands-on training sessions, user guides, tutorials, webinars, and ongoing technical support.

Key actions during the training and support phase included:

  1. Comprehensive Training: VE3 conducted training sessions to empower users to become proficient in Google Workspace, maximizing productivity.
  2. User Resources: VE3 developed user guides and tutorials to assist users in navigating the new platform effectively.
  3. Ongoing Support: VE3 provided continuous technical support to address any user questions or concerns related to the new services, ensuring a seamless user experience.


The implementation of VE3’s comprehensive solution approach for migrating from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace as part of Encore Systems’ acquisition by TodayTix has yielded a host of positive outcomes. These achievements stem from meticulous planning, well-executed migration processes, and the unwavering commitment to minimize disruptions while upholding stringent standards of security and compliance. The following highlights the key outcomes and benefits realized through this migration:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Innovation

    The successful migration empowered employees to work more efficiently & collaboratively, driving innovation & creative solutions.

  • Seamless Transition for Users

    Users experienced minimal disruption during the migration, thanks to comprehensive training and support resources, ensuring a smooth transition to Google Workspace.

  • Future-Ready Technology Infrastructure

    The adoption of Google Workspace positioned Encore Systems and TodayTix with a modern, future-ready technology infrastructure, simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

  • Positive Organizational Culture

    Enhanced collaboration capabilities fostered a more positive organizational culture, boosting morale & job satisfaction.

  • Scalability and Growth

    Google Workspace's scalability ensures easy accommodation of future growth and expansion, providing a flexible foundation to support evolving needs.

Our Project in a glance

The migration journey from Microsoft 365 (M365) to Google Workspace (GW) orchestrated by VE3 has indeed marked a transformative chapter in the histories of Encore Systems and TodayTix. VE3’s comprehensive solution approach, which encompassed meticulous preparation, expertly executed migration, adept change management, and robust training and support, stands as the linchpin of this endeavor’s resounding success. It hasn’t merely minimized disruptions; it has safeguarded data integrity, empowered users, and ushered in a new era of heightened productivity and efficiency for both Encore Systems and TodayTix. This case study serves as a powerful testament to the paramount importance of meticulous planning and precise execution when navigating the treacherous waters of complex digital transformations. It vividly showcases the achievement of a win-win scenario for both companies, where technology isn’t just a tool but a strategic catalyst.

In summation, this migration transcends the realm of technology platforms; it symbolizes a strategic leap forward for Encore Systems and TodayTix. It epitomizes the value of meticulous planning and execution when traversing the intricate landscape of digital evolution. Together, these organizations have blazed a trail towards enhanced productivity, seamless collaboration, and strategic advantage—a triumph that underscores technology’s immense potential to empower and elevate organizations in the modern digital landscape.

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