Bulb Data Driven Success Story

Data Analysis & Product Innovation

Redefining Energy Consumption with Smart Solutions

Bulb, a forward-thinking energy provider, approached us with a unique challenge: to create innovative propositions that would not only help them acquire and retain customers but also change the way people think about their energy usage. Leveraging advanced data analysis and product design, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize how customers interact with their energy data and make more informed decisions. Bulb tasked us with a mission: to develop propositions based on customer energy usage data that would enhance customer acquisition and retention. The primary challenges were to identify usage patterns and behaviors that could guide customers towards energy-efficient choices and to create user-friendly ways to present this data.

Analysis and Segmentation

Through rigorous data analysis, we identified several distinct usage patterns:

Two Peak

Two Peaks

A pattern characterized by two usage peaks, with weekend peaks typically occurring later than their weekday counterparts.



A pattern displaying minimal variation between weekdays and weekends, resembling a bulge in usage.

Unclassifiable Patterns

Some patterns defied easy categorization, such as recurring oscillations during the morning hours.


Mobile Billing App

We created a user-friendly mobile billing app designed to enhance customers’ understanding of their energy consumption. Key features included:

  • Clear insights into cost savings through solar generation.
  • Recommendations for optimal billing plans.
  • Real-time data tracking.

iOS Widget and In-App Displays

Live usage data inspired the creation of an iOS widget and in-app displays. These tools allowed customers to easily visualize and monitor their energy consumption patterns, fostering greater awareness and informed decision-making.

SmartThings Energy Control

In collaboration with Samsung and Bulb, we launched a groundbreaking home energy control service, known as SmartThings Energy Control. This service encompassed:

  • A user-friendly mobile app for customers with smart meters.
  • Real-time energy expenditure breakdown, highlighting peak usage times.
  • Device-level energy consumption tracking.
  • Remote device control, similar to popular smart home technologies like Hive and Nest.

Integration with Bulb's Smart Tariff

We seamlessly integrated the SmartThings app with Bulb’s Smart Tariff, providing customers with data-driven insights to optimize their energy usage. Key features included:

  • Personalized recommendations for shifting energy consumption away from peak hours.
  • Device-specific energy consumption data.
  • Carbon intensity information for environmentally conscious decisions.

Our tech Stack

Apache Spark


The implementation of these solutions resulted in several notable outcomes:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    Customers now had access to real-time, actionable data, leading to increased engagement with their energy consumption.

  • Cost Savings

    Many customers were able to identify opportunities to reduce their energy costs by making informed decisions.

  • Environmental Impact

    The provision of carbon intensity data empowered households to make greener choices, contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • Convenience

    The ability to remotely control devices and manage energy usage from the app simplified customers' lives.

Our Project in a glance

Overall, our data-driven approach and innovative product design not only met Bulb’s goals of customer acquisition and retention but also revolutionized how people think about and manage their energy consumption. Through these efforts, we set a new standard in the energy industry for customer empowerment and sustainability.

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